Software update galaxy s2 download

software update galaxy s2 download

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  • Error message on the phone: The application Kies air process com. Please try again. I found there are so many versions on samfirmware. Which one you can recommend? Is it ok go with the latest and it has European and Asian? Quite confusing. Please advise. I tested KG5 only. You need to try them yourself. Personally, I prefer custom firmware. As far as I know, there galaaxy no Android 2.

    software update galaxy s2 download

    JPKH1 is still based on Android 2. My GS2 kernel version is 2. Yes, software might void the warranty but you can always revert back to stock firmware. Thanks for the response. If in case I decided to install the KG5 should I just follow the video mentioned above? There is no changes log from Samsung between these 2 firmwares. But 1 thing that I know — battery life is better on KG5. Have you tested KH1? Im not sure though if it is already 2.

    Use the first one will do. The 2nd one is kernel. I did not try KH3 because it is Frankenstein Firmware. I have only three days with him. It is unlocked, company Movistar Spain. Kies updated to this version. Sorry about the translation. Hmm… It might be the games issue itself. See that improve it or not. Or try KG5 if you want. If yes how do I revert back? Yes, install custom firmware might void warranty.

    But you can revert back anytime you want. Yes, and no need to worry much about warranty issue. Some people able to claim warranty even with custom firmware and rooted. Couple of funciton in my phone is not working. It gives error e. Release all buttons when you see SGS2 Logo. ClockworkMod Recovery will be loaded then. Then select Yes — delete all user data. Select wipe cache partition. Then select Yes — Wipe Cache. Really thanks alot.

    Can you suggest an alternate way, since this update includes the flash problem in camera i want to download it. Sorry, I did not study much about camera firmware upgrade. As far as I know, the pink spot issue is still there on the latest camera firmware…. Latest firmware might have better performance, bugs fixes, new enhancements… Firmware is like the operating system of the phone ex, Windows on PC.

    But it is working with my Bluetooth headsets. Hi jayce! I recently bought sgs2 from Thailand it boxed with their thai telco carrier AIS. Seened to have problem surfing the web [very slow]. Which firmware are you using now? If can, try to use your DiGi on other smartphone. Make sure that it is not DiGi that causing the slowness. Hi jayce, thanks for response. Hav tried yr suggestion by switching to my apple 3gs with Digi.

    On airplane mode with Wifi its super fast. That means when surfing the web? Hve read in ine SGS2 forums the Wifi connections can be really useless and crappy!!!!. My house Wifi is Unifly Vip 10 and yet its still darn slow??? Look forward to yr advise. Sorry, I am a bit confuse. Is the Wi-Fi connection slow or update SGS2 can be locked to 1 telco.

    But you can unlock it. When Digi is on plus Wifi it still slow in connection… If the SGS2 is locked by telco [a possibility] how do we unlock it or how to verify its locked? Please advise…. Many thanks and galaxy for your kind effort to assist us newbies…. Wi-Fi and 3G. Only one of them can be working at the same time, not both.

    So your issue is slow Wi-Fi, right? Hi Jayce, here a probelm and I need help. No access to market. No any possibility to syncronize with it. I need know which firmware I should have that can substitute current one and let everything work fine. Important: 1 official firmware in order to be able to automatic update from kies 2 european languages package 3 wlan, net, sms, mms, etc.

    Sorry to inform you that you cannot use most of the firmware except China firmware. Please read the XDA thread. But the site is in Chinese. You might need to galaxy Google Translate. You need to download MB firmware. If you need to use your own country firmware, just upgrade it through Samsung Kies officially. Hi… i have GS2 from Malaysia… i want to upgrade to 2. Go directly… So far I did not hear complaints about the new Android 2.

    Hi Jayce I need the tutorial to wipe data and cache. Thank you. JPKH1 is one of Arabic firmwares. You can try it if you want. Considering above issues do you recommend a new software to install? But I am not sure it will help to solve your issue or not because I did not try it. Do you think that my internet connection problem is related to old version of ROM or the root is somewhere else? XXKI3 is the latest one. So do you guess any reason for that fault? I got download error once the mobile couldnt connect :.

    I also did a test by putting a galaxy plus beside mine and sitting close to router. No, you need to install galaxy manually. It is stated in the faq of the rom to hv the phone flashed in stock rom first before flashing the criskelo if im not mistaken. Just use CWM will do. I rooted my s2 with odin and superoneclick and then installed stock firmware. I need to send my phone to samsung. I also reset the counter with usb jig. I am assuming my phone is still rooted right.

    Will I have to unroot the phone? Will I have to install insecure kernel first to unroot or can I do it with software firmware? Thanks in advance. Dear jayce I bought samsung galaxy sIIand i need firmware have many language like : portuguese, englishchinesearabic. You can try to find a custom firmware download XDA. For Samsung use only. Yeah… I also read there is a 2nd counter.

    Who care? From what I heard, Samsung still give warranty to those with custom firmware. Hard to tell the differences because there are lot of 2. Hi Jayce, im from Malaysia. My question is, if i want to claim warranty for my phone. Just change the CSC will do. Few days i connect my Galaxy S2 to the latest version of Kies and Update was available for 2. Today i had time to update and connected to Kies and software now not showing the update. Also if i update from your site would i lose all my settings, I have SPB 3D Shell installed would i lose all the settings and folders created.

    There is wipe and non-wipe version. Depend which one that you install. Always make a backup first before install new firmware. Use Samsung Kies to upgrade. Anything go wrong, you can refer back to Samsung. Dear Jay, how could i update my sgs2 to cyanogenmod 2. Hey Jayce, we are trying to get the source for the us tmobile sg2 running 2. I know this is a shot in the dark but we are trying to get root for this beast.

    We realy just need the. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Im one of the guys software to get root. Was hoping you had something we didnt have as far a kernel download. Haha… Mine is international SGS2. You have to wait for the kernel source. No worry, just matter of time. Oh dear, this post is all about Galaxy S2.

    Consult others who own it at XDA. Galaxy S2 Firmware 2. No worry, just restore back to your original stock firmware will do if you want to claim warranty. I hav gingerbread 2. Hello Jayce … I had bought samsung galaxy s2 b4 1 week … I would be glad to tell me what is the latest firmware that support arabic version and how to update it …. I am from Malaysia. Change it. Thank you Very Much, Jayce. You are so helpful. Appreciate so much.

    Yup, the combo keys are correct. Hold volume down and home buttons first. Release all of them after see SGS2 Logo. Take your time to understand it. Else you might brick your phone. You need to root your phone. When your phone reboots, do not panic at the sight of the yellow triangle. Maybe the audio file was deleted from the ROM. Anyway, I prefer silent boot animation. And I use custom one also….

    Yes, as long as you are using I Apps should be intact. But no harm to make update backup first. Best firmware is depended on each person needs. I successfully updated my firmware to JPKJ2 and now im planning to root it. Can you please tell me what to do and how to root my SGS2. I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 in China only to find out later that it had been flashed with a firmware that contained loads of chinese apps that I couldnt delete.

    I brought it back to the place and asked them to remove update and upload the default stock firmware which they said they did. The only problem is that when i use the samsung kies software it says it cannot update the phone because it the firmware is not official. Your instructions seem pretty easy to follow so I was thinking about flashing it myself. I was just wondering what stock firmware would be the best to install as I live in China but I am not Chinese Irish?

    If I install an Irish version will it work in China and allow me to update the phone using Kies? Is the yellow triangle when you turn on the phone the only disadvantage of not having using the USB jig as I think this will update hard for me to galaxy You can only use China SGS2 firmware. I forgot to mention that I bought the SGS2 in a phone market and they said it was brought in from Vietnam.

    Download official Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware -

    Lucky you. Yes, you can upgrade firmware through Samsung Kies if you are using official firmware. Lot of electronic stuffs come from China nowadays. Hard to know the differences because Samsung does not provide change logs between version. So you need to test them to find out…. I have finally gotten around to updating my phone to the stock firmware so that I can update it with Kies. Do i need to update the Kernel also or just flash the firmware?

    I have not been able to find the USB jig. Will not having using this have any effect on the installation. I bought the phone in China as I explained and it had firmware installed on it with a lot of chinese apps that I could not delete. Update provide solution. You can only use China SGS2 firmware…. I have bought SGS2 recently here in Jordan … I would ask about the latest firmware of android version 2.

    Usually, latest firmware is better and has less issue. You need to try them yourself to find out. Battery life is sure better than my stock firmware. May I know the latest kernel version for Malaysia S2? I mean official rom given by Samsung Malaysia. So, just upgrade through Samsung Kies Air to find update? Samsung Kies. Does it really matter which firmware you coming from after you wipe data and cache of previous firmware?

    I am coming from XXKI3 stock firmware. No battery issue. The firmware includes kernel already. No need to install kernel separately again. Kernel installation is the same galaxy firmware. It should be non wipe version. So no need to wipe data and cache. I did not test v2 yet. If DK kernel does not come pre-installed, you can install it manually with KitchenPro.

    I notice that at xda page highlight that it comes with boot-loader? Latest official firmware has new bootloader that causing USB Jig cannot clean the custom binary counter. But no worry, firmware at XDA has the old bootloader. Yes, you can install from XXKG5. XXKI4 is newer. If the router did not block that SGS2, then it is software issue. Try to factory reset that SGS2.

    Now my phone reads Android version 2. Now i m facing a problem. I wont able to import my contacts from Kies and the firmware update is also blanked off. Did you wipe data and cache? Pls guide me what to do to make the baseband version DXKF Any galaxy to restore my contacts from kies. Then restore contacts with Samsung Kies again. Please help should I re install the firmware? Nor i know how galaxy do it, would be able to guide me please.

    Also would that delete everything from my phone? You may want to factory reset your SGS2. If i want the latest firmware for UK orange 2. I software also not sure. You can try the nearest match if you want. Btw, is the topic about rooting SS s2? No change log is given by Samsung. So new firmware might have bug fix, performance improvement, better battery life, new features….

    Find the nearest match. I have the stock UK T-mobile android 2. Thanks for quick reply, but Samsung Kies has failed dramatically on my computer, cannot seem to get phone to link up to it. I managed to put BOKG2 on phone using your instructions flawlessly, however now i want to know how far can i push this phone without losing any functionality? Not sure custom firmware will work on it or not. You need to ask others who has the same model as yours at XDA see.

    My contract provider is T-mobile however there is no specific branding on the phone itself stating its tmoble all i have is a Samsung written front and back. Is the branding guaranteed just by buying the phone through them?. Maybe their hardware are just like others GT-I So do ask others see. I need to a firmware for Australia networks. Which one do software suggest and where can I download the firmware kit?

    Not sure it can work or not. I really need the US Sprint version of this. Update help. It seems like xxki3 is stll not solving the bettery life. Compare it to my previous firmware which is dxki2, i think that version lasted longer. Any explanation? This old bootloader will be detected by Samsung? Or maybe I can restore the new bootloader after and it will not increase counters?

    Other issue: did you ever done a backup of your efs folder in order to be safe of losing your IMEI? And got several auto backups when install custom firmware too. Mine also seem lag a little bit. You can try to factory reset to make it clean if you are okay to delete previous apps, data and settings. Yeh i tried all of those options but it still seems to be laggy. Not a must if coming from previous Samsung firmware.

    But recommended as I always wipe data on new firmware to have a download start. Its unlocked T Mobile, newest model. BUt this have no Norwegian Language pack. Were can i get this? Thanks but i still not find any help there: To be honest i am not the best on this. Is it a easy way? If to much work its ok, i can use english as it is… I got norwegian Keyboard but still missing to make it complete Norwegian.

    I need your assistance. Since download got the replacement motherboard with this firmware, consult Samsung Support why it cannot software upgraded with Samsung Kies. I did not test it personally. But this is Arabic firmware based on the info that I got. Did you change the language in settings? What I Do Now? And I have the following. Video of how to install firmware on samsung galaxy s2 with odin.

    Video of how to software stock firmware on SGS2. And the following questions: 1. With what i have, Basically I just follow your step by step instruction and the video and if all things remain galaxy, I will have no problems whatsoever? I'm new to this flashing game, when I want to download back to the old firmware, with what i have above, would it suffice?

    DxKI2 Unrooted. Thanks for the prompt reply. Will try flashing tomorrow, whats the difference between what i downloaded xxki3, with what you are using xxki4? Go to XDA for its details. I dont want custom roms, I just want official 2. Philippines is yet to get 2. Will try tom, hopefully help my other friends using this phone too. Same at Malaysia since we are using the same firmware in SEA. I should stick to official, some guys here told me that I wont void my warranty if i use official Firmwares even if from other regions.

    I just want that so called battery improvement, if if fails my expectations, im going to revert back to stock rom. I have recently upgraded my S2 to 2. Your help would be well appreciated. Thanks for your quick response. Can u send me the link to download official indian version of 2. Thanks for that, How can i use it to flash my s2 with those firmware.

    How to change the language in a Galaxy S2 to spanish when this language is not included…? We have a Galaxy S2 in Israel. How can I change the language? I need to change the firmware? It is possible to do this language changing with Kies? Can you guide us to the best solution? I have just upgraded the firmware on my SGS2 to Gingerbread. XWK14 and I was wondering if anyone can tell me what are the improvements if any and bug fixes if any the main thing I have noticed is the phone reboots about once a download, at least, thankfully in the early hours of the morning!!

    I got a Salaxy s2 from a mate of mine used to be with 3 network in the uk. After i rooted and unlocked the phone i didn do anthing else I only installed my own sim. The problem is this one:. Please help me iam lost. Should i reinstall the samsung original firmaware? Since my device is rooted and i have a custom rom can i use KIES to allow the software to update my firmware?? Thats a waste of money!! Previous Rom was Litening rom, not the latest version. Odin gets stuck while trying to write cache.

    Do I dare to close the Odin. Update has been like this for 2 update now. Should not take this long. Is there a way to restore the firmware through Kies or should I try other firmware update?

    software update galaxy s2 download

    Or is this about Kernel, no? This guide does not work for you? All I get is a phone, triangle with exclamation point and a line to computer. Does this mean I have to do something with Kies? This was first one I tried. Now update: Odin does not recognize the phoen connected afterI took out the battery for 30 minutes. But I still can get to download mode. Is there software chance to get to recovery mod anymore? At least the counter is 0 in the custom binary.

    It says the installed binary one on my phone is Samsung official now. Odin does not recognize your phone? This is bad. Try to install wipe version of firmware if you still can get Odin to work out. Odin finally failed, i dont know after how many hours after being just still and not moving. Galaxy took the phone today to a warranty repair.

    They said they will wipe the software and make a clean reset on the phone. It should be back in my pocket before christmas! Feels like i bricked my phone totally. Any suggestions? Update Unbrick program I also tried. Which one should i get: i just want to flash to 2. Ask Samsung why there are so many firmware. Just find Android 2. I have recently rooted my phone. But one problem i noticed after rooting my phone is most download the apps in the market are not supported.

    Im from india. Now my kernel is XWKK2. Seem working fine. Many thanks in advance. Hi Jayce, I upgraded my firmware from 2. I am contemplating to install litening rom. In the event if I decided to revert all back to stock are these the only two I found in XDA needed to flash back? I tried to upgrade fm from 2. This is the message I got during upgrade with odin. Enter CS for MD Check MD Do not unplug the cable.

    Please wait. Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully. Leave CS. All threads completed. My present kernel version is 2.

    Jul 04,  · So far, we have Android , , and Gingerbread official firmware for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I Android Ice Cream Sandwich official firmware should come in Q2/Q3 Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Details of Download Brand: Samsung: Name: Galaxy S2: Model: GT-I System: Android Jelly Bean: Baseband: KSA IXWLSD Firmware Type: Upgrade Firmware: Download Count: Notes: استخدم هذه الروم إذا كان الـ Baseband الحالي لجوالك يبدأ بـ IXWBrand: Samsung. Swipe to and then tap Software update, or System updates. It will vary between models. Tap Download and install, or Check for system updates. If an update is available it should begin downloading automatically, although you may need to tap Download now on some devices. When the download is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to install.

    Do you have Samsung Kies on your Windows? Odin needs to use its USB driver. Pudate hint regarding Kies driver was the point. So I DL Kies from your link, installed updats my computer, running the procedure as in you video, viola! Hi Jayce, Can u teach me how to downgrade for 2. Since you got issue during firmware upgrade using Samsung Kies, please consult Samsung Support then. Hi Jayce, its me again.

    I ypdate to flashback to DX since its already on 2. What else do i need besides Odin and the official ROM? Hi Jayce, was reading your blogs for last 6 hours and most it is Hebru to me as I am a non-techie. I am unable to upgrade my phone to 2. Kies does not upgrade, trying for last 1 month for hours daily got 1mbps connection but no upgrade. Hi jayce, i am now going to attempt to flashback to Softwxre 2.

    Hi Jayce, This is probably the wrong place to post this question. The closest I can find is a shortcut to change the sooftware. Galaxy am using SGS2. Do you know of any such thing cownload exist? Hey Jayce…. Hey pls give me the download link. My kies say ur deavise does not support upgraed via kies pls help. No i have Questioni am happy with 2.

    Andriod Version : 2. I installed ICS 4. Did you install ICS bootloader? If yes, you might need to install Gingerbread bootloader back and firmware. My kies could not say any thing. Hi Joe, what do you plan to do with new ROM? Galaxy I did some research, and thought that the best way would be to wipe it and install new firmware. It software as soon as I wiped those two things. Hi Softwre, just wondering if you could give me some advice please mate? I live in Australia and was hoping to get a version of Gingerbread 2.

    Any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work. So no idea. Thanks for the advice Jayce. As soon as I turn the phone on, an error message appears saying Unfortunately Email has stopped working com. I have re-flashed the firmware to try and fix the problem, but still the same thing. Thanks Jayce.

    Gqlaxy Jayce, I had downloaded the new firware for my samsung galaxy s2 yesterday to give it a shot. In short, it sucked. Lost of bugs. So I had tried to revert back to the old firmware by using Odin. Halfway through the installation, my usb had unplugged and I turned my phone into a brick. Do you think my warranty is void because of download Im sending it in for repair, although im unsure if Im able to get it fixed.

    No issue if you install official firmware. Anyway, can you still able to load Odin download mode? No, I cant even turn on download phone. Its a complete brick. Odin works, but the phone cant be set to download mode or reset mode. I have: Kernel Version 2. I got my galaxy s2 two days ago, and notice the battery drainage is too much! And how can i know, which firmware is compatible with my phone or not? Battery life is good for me.

    I will be leaving to India in one week. In that case, can I get a local SIM card with data plan. Also, will the resync to corporate email — does it have to be done with my IT help or I can it myself. I would like your help on the firmware I should download. Should I download all? Or choose between the 1st and 2nd link, and the 3rd link I still must download it? My region is in Qatar.

    Thank you very much. Sorry Rob, I am not sure which firmware is for Qatar 1st or 2nd. The 3rd one is kernel not firmware. I checked the outside updte the box of my SGS Should I download the latest Odin 1. If I download the official firmware from samfirmware. I downloaded the new Odin with your link and follow your instructions. All is well now, I have flashed the stock firmware and saved a back up for the root.

    Thank you very much for your help. Hi, I want to ask you why cant I download any firmware!? I shopt my samsung galaxy S2 in sweden and I hade a great firmware I could Update over the phone but then I instald some SHI… firmware and now I dont have swedish keyboard and I cant Update,and i think the phone doesent udpate so fine as it worked download the original firmware… becouse of that i want to try to instal stock firmware….

    If I kan ask one more thing! XWLA4 is it official firmware? I am currently running Update. I bought used Galaxy s-2 and it was rooted. Get it at SamMobile. Am I locked or something? Or should I change CSC? I have a multi-csc but it only includes nepal, sri lanka, indonesia, no korea. So should I probably get a sim from SK? I have no idea then.

    You can try SamMobile. I have just rooted my Galaxy S2 and I would like to find the stock kernel for it before I try to upgrade and to get rid of the yellow triangle at boot. Where else would I be able to get it from? Dpwnload carrier in Australia is Telstra. Or you can try to use CF-Root to root it. I want offical ics via odin update. Should be as I did not try firmware from SamMobile. Or why not install the latest firmware for your region?

    How do i go back to the original firmaware on my galaxy s2?? Its German and unbranded…. U can go back original firmware any time just before that connect ur phone to kies and save your current firmware info. Then install any firmware using Odin when u want go back go to xda official galaxy s2 firmware form download and install using Odin. Its from Germany, no career branding free to use on any network nope none of my friends bought it. Restore stock firmware does not need to install kernel.

    May I know what had you done in details? Sorry to tell you. CF-Root does not support IG. Please consult others at XDA website. I found orginal Stock frimware and still stuck with show galaxy s ii wont boot is i miss out download software? Remember to wipe data and cache. I have no idea that you can do so. Do I need to replace Gingerbread bootloader also? OK, thanks for the info. I will upgrade to ICS tomorrow.

    As for rooting, which is better: to use CF-Root kernel or to flash an insecure root kernel and then flash back the stock kernel? I see you fast-forwarded in the video at that stage, so how long does that take or is this the bootloop? OK, I booted into recovery and wiped all user data and the phone booted and the ICS firmware is installed. Now i use ics official update 4. U give me the download link. But now when i use internet like fb or others my phn galaxy s2 bing too hot.

    But when i use gingerbread 2. Then my phn not bing going hot. But why galaxy my phn going hot in camera or sim side. Too software. Me what m i doing now pls? Hi jayce thanx … I m using ics xxlpq …. But my phn bing warm when using internet why. Pls help me and Give me some information what m i doing …. But when i use 2. Hello Jayce… i had before 2. I have update with Down,oad. Use odin to restore ur official firmware and then use kies for updates from kies there wont be any priblem i done with mine many time.

    Not sure it work or not. You can try to install official firmware with Odin. Hope it can solve your issue. This happens to me before. That should restore your phone back to normal. I have a S2 with a polish version of the ICS 4. How can I use Kies to select the firmware from another region? Do I need updat use Odin and do I need update Root the device?

    When I unpack the archive file there is only one tar file. If I upload this using Software will it load all the necessary files to support the Thai locale? Hi Yoshi, I have no idea about this site. Please get galaxxy from XDA website instead. I want to go back to the stock firmware but the link shown right at the top of this posting is dead. Any ideas please? Was originally O2 UK.

    Hi Jonathan, you can use Check Fus Downloader to find out your region stock firmware. Mobile does not boot Just give up the image of galaxy Computer screen and Mobile There Anhma exclamation point. Look like you installed I sofware on your IG. Try to install IG firmware if you can. Hi Jayce! So will i have to download the xwke8 firmware, install it through odin, unroot my s2 and then install the official rom? Hi Farhad, which method did you use to root your IG? Look it you semi brick it already.

    Try to install stock IG firmware with Downloxd. I attempted the reset with the hold, vol. I could choose to root or reset but resetting brought be back to the frozen screen I mentioned. Am I only left with trying to root the device or can I somehow manage to get back on the upgrade track Which I prefer? Hi dinesh, please use Samsung Kies to update firmware. I am not update you can use I firmware on your IT or not.

    Disconnect the mobile phone from the cable, glaxy. It succeeded Ice Cream Sandwich and was officially released on June 27, Nicknamed 'Project Butter'. The new OS aims to make the user interface as smooth as possible from a visual perspective. Menus and transitions will now flow as you haven't experienced before on your Android. There are also various bug fixes and software improvements, most notably:.

    You can update your Samsung Galaxy S2 from 4. Do I need to reinstall all Apps that I sofrware currently downloaded? Also, when there is a new version of Android, do I need to install that manually or will it be taken care of automatically in the same way that I check for Android updates right now? You do not have to reinstall applications when you upgrade your phone's OS version. These are very easy and convenient ways, so there is a minimal chance that these update options will change in the future.

    Understand that this update may not come standard for your device, software on the time that you asked this question, but you can find this update in your update phone option. It seems that you have rooted your phone to another update of this device instead of having the required update for the phone. Uninstall and reinstall Cyanogen mode to see if you can get your Google Play Store to show up to download applications. You can softward the latest CyanogenMod Google apps package download at [1].

    I need to install Android 4. Can you give me the download link?

    How to Update the Galaxy S2: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

    A download link is not all you are going to need for this process. You will need to follow the steps in the article above, and root your device so that you can get the Jelly Bean update. The update to Android 4. You can, however, install an open source 4. You would not need to use ODIN, but instead, use the built-in dowbload of your phone. You can find the download for the S2 device here:.

    Have a phone you love? Get up to $500 when you switch and bring your phone.

    How do I solve my problem? Was the update completely flashed on the phone? If it were, the phone would have rebooted into the new OS. Connect the phone to the computer download run ODIN again. Make sure the com port is lit up, which will indicate that the phone is connected correctly, and the drivers are installed. You'll need to put the phone in download mode when connected to software computer.

    To do so, press and hold the "Power" and "Volume Down" buttons at the same time. Make sure this time, the file is fully flashed, and you see the pass sign:. Galaxy more questions like this: I need download file for update jelly bean 4. In the step: "From the recovery screen, choose 'install zip from SD card' and then choose the.

    If you don't have the "Install Zip From SD card" option on your system recovery, this galaxy means that you are not using a custom recovery. Please install CWM on your phone first before proceeding with the update. To install CWM on your phone, do the following. See this image [3]. Intermittent signal issue. Replaced SIM card but still have the software issue. On jellybean 4. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a lot of issues, not only with the device itself but with the software on the device.

    Contact your mobile carrier so they can help diagnose the problem remotely to your device. There are several ways for you to try to resolve this issue. Try the suggestions below and see if any of them solve the issue. It may be that your power button has gotten stuck, which would be why you are experiencing this problem during the reboot sequence. Try fiddling with that and see if it is update, and if so, try to get it unstuck. If that does not resolve your issue, turn off the phone and take the battery out, then insert it back in.

    If it is still stuck in the boot loop, your phone likely needs to have a general cleaning. You'll need to take all the parts apart to clean in this download, specifically, the power buttonand remove any dirt or grime lurking in your phone. Before taking the phone apart, try to press and hold the power button only for about a minute with extra effort, then after one minute shake the phone. It may sound ridiculous, but it might resolve the problem. It's also possible that a battery issue is keeping your phone stuck in a boot loop or stuck on the Samsung Logo.

    What you need to do is check to see if the battery is working okay. If you have another battery that is the same as the one in your phone, try swapping it and checking to see if you have the same issue. If you have the same issue, you need to take your battery out of the phone - you can use a pick or toothpick or an emery board Nail File. To fix a potential battery cleanliness issue, look for the three little bronze terminals in the place where you place your battery in your phone and clean them.

    Next, gently scrape the three terminals on the battery, then re-insert it into the battery dock. Now update on the phone and see if the problem persists. If you have installed the ROM on your phone and it just keeps on loading, boot into recovery mode by pressing the "Volume Up," "Home," and "Power" buttons. Once you have access to the Android recovery, you just need to select "Reboot" for the phone to reboot and use it once again.

    If you have tried that and it didn't work, follow the same steps to install the stock ROM and start flashing it again. Make sure also that your phone is properly connected to the computer so that it will not be interrupted during ROM installation. Its can't work on my phone Samsung S2 I downloaded the two apps I need to but its seems it can't work on my phone I don't understand. It is falling any time I try to update it through the procedures below.

    I have tried: I have try to update but not working falling any time I restart the phone. I think it was caused by: I don't really no please I have try all means but not working no matter how I try. If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.

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      Or keep getting no update from your phone Software update? If you are a risk taker and wish to stay ahead of other people, you can always download latest official Samsung Galaxy S2 firmware and install on your SGS2.

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