Technical interview questions and answers pdf free download

technical interview questions and answers pdf free download

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  • Thank you Unknown, glad that you find explanations and questions useful. In question no 3 that will return new value man If you store an existing key in the HashMap, then it will override the old value with the new value and put will return the new value not old value. Feel free to comment, ask questions if you have any doubt. Pages Home core java spring online courses thread java 8 coding sql books oop interview certification free resources best.

    The java. HashMap is one of the workhorses of JDK. Along with ArrayListit is one of the most used classes from Java's collection framework. There is hardly a real-world Java project, where I haven't seen the use of HashMap. It is an implementation of hash table data structure, and it's not a surprise that HashMap is so useful, as someone has rightly said, "if you could have just one data structure, make it a hash table".

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    The hash table data structure allows you to search for a value in O 1 time if you have a key. Though, if you have a special need, you can use other hash table implementations available in JDK. For example, if you want to preserve the order of mapping, then you can consider using LinkedHashMap. If you wish to keep mappings sorted, then you can use TreeMapwhich is a sorted map implementation.

    Questjons, if you need a hash table implementation that is thread-safe and qustions be used in a concurrent application without compromising the Scalability, then consider using a ConcurrentHashMap from JDK 5. That will not only help you to do well on interviews but also help you to understand the fundamentals better. What will happen if you try to store a key that is already present in HashMap?

    What will happen if you use HashMap in a multithreaded Java application? How do you remove a mapping while iterating over HashMap in Java? How many entries you can store in HashMap? What is the maximum limit? What is the technical between the capacity and size of HashMap in Java? What will and if two different keys of HashMap return the same hashcode? These questions will not only help you to understand HashMap better but also encourage you to find out more about HashMapits Java implementation, and hash table data structure in general.

    The exception is that distributed teams sharing board activity may require video conferencing when interview with download boards that mirror questioons other. Qhestions generally makes it easy for members free a distributed team to follow board activity. With online boards in place, a Zoom or Google Hangouts call will likely be enough for a distributed team to have their Daily Scrum. Alternatively, the Development Team may try an asynchronous Daily Scrum by utilizing messenger software like Slack.

    It answers the prerogative of the Development Team to decide on the best way of handling their Daily Scrum event. Anyone interviewing for the role of Scrum Master should be able to draw a simple Sprint board. Your candidate should mention questions a Scrum Master is not obliged to provide the Pdf Team with a Sprint board. A board is the responsibility of the Development Team working with it.

    The Scrum Master should, however, support the effort with an introductory workshop on the subject if no member of the team is familiar with offline boards. Read more : How to Build Offline Boards.

    Top 21 Java HashMap Interview Questions and Answers | Java67

    Also, they should not be allowed access to the minutes of any Sprint Retrospective. If you do, how would you go about it? Measuring the health of a Scrum Team — that is, getting an idea about current levels of engagement techniacl satisfaction — is questionns for identifying trends that answerss affect productivity and team cohesion. A questionnaire that requires just two minutes to complete and uses a simple scale for each of the questions — from 1 terrible through 2 poor3 neutral4 goodto 5 excellent — is usually well-suited.

    During the Sprint Retrospective, the team should discuss the results with an aim to uncover any concerns or frustrations they may be harboring. See above, gathering data. There are various Sprint Retrospective formats in common use, and each is meant to accommodate different situations. Your candidate should have experience applying more than one of these formats and should be able to share their logic for having done so.

    Some basic formats for Retrospectives include:. You can embed all of these formats in the general Sprint Retrospective format popularized by Diana Larsen and Esther Derby:. There are several websites available that help Scrum Masters to customize Retrospectives to the needs of the Scrum Team, such as Retromat or Tasty Cupcakes. Alternatively, Liberating Structures provide excellent tools, too. Suitable candidates will elaborate passionately about their preferred ways and tools for delivering Retrospectives.

    When required to attend an uninspiring Sprint Retrospective, members of a Scrum Team will become bored. There are many possibilities for variation that can be used to prevent a Sprint Retrospective from being boring, and team members from becoming bored.

    technical interview questions and answers pdf free download

    A different location, a different format, and shortening or lengthening the allotted time box are just some of the variations that can be tried. Web sites like Retromat offer hundreds of different games and exercises to make Sprint Retrospectives technicall and valuable for the whole team. There is no single solution, and consequently no single correct answer, to either boredom or this question. If your team is picking reasonable action items but not delivering, how would you address the situation?

    During a Sprint Retrospective, the members of a Scrum Team would usually pick some action items — tasks to be done — and include them in the upcoming Sprint Backlog. If these action items are subsequently not completed in a timely manner, the Scrum Master needs to follow up. If this is the case, the Scrum Master has to address the cause, and the team can then catch up during a later Sprint.

    However, if there is no external impediment, the problem is likely due to motivation, attitude, or personal issues within the Scrum Team. In this latter case, the Scrum Master needs to provide the team members with sufficient encouragement or motivation to overcome the problem — a Scrum Team is self-organizing. The Scrum Team is self-organizing. A good way for a Scrum Master to do this is to start talking about the status of the action items picked during the last Sprint Retrospective before picking new ones by initiating a discussion at the beginning of each new Sprint Retrospective.

    Note: This is not meant to be a reporting session but practical help to get self-organization going with the Scrum Team. In that case, the team needs to understand why this happened and offer its support to prevent it from happening again. Your Scrum team is consistently failing to meet commitments, and iterview velocity is volatile. What might the possible reasons be? How would you address this issue abswers the team?

    technical interview questions and answers pdf free download

    Conversely, the projects being given the team might suffer from poorly documented legacy code, excessive technical debt, or just too much buggy and poorly written code — all of which make estimation a gamble. Cooking the agile books is easy to do!

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    This question is an invitation questions the candidate to share lessons learned from the successful application of metrics to help a Scrum Pdc improve continuously. Good candidates should be aware of the evidence-based management concept. The interval to test via self-assessment is every 4—12 weeks, with teams of lesser fluency running their tests at the lower end of and range. The individual values recorded by these tests are not very important, but the trend over time fownload.

    Concerning metrics technical general, your candidate should interview the Agile Manifesto and its principle of transparency: all metrics should be available to all members of a Scrum Team, and largely also to those working in the product delivery organization generally. Your candidate should understand that an agile transition needs to have down,oad objective and a goal — which means planning ahead. To prepare for kicking off quwstions transition to Scrum is to listen and observe: your candidate should express interest questions interviewing as many team members and stakeholders as possible, before jumping into action.

    These interviews should include everyone, no matter their role — engineers, QA downlozd, UX and UI designers, product managers — in order to identify the patterns underlying current problems, failures, and dysfunction within the organization. Merging those patterns with the most pressing technical and business issues will identify the most likely objectives for the first Scrum Teams.

    This observation inyerview, during which naswers Scrum Master performs their interviews, will typically require between four and twelve weeks depending upon the size and structure of the organization. The training of future team members and stakeholders should ans and run parallel to the interviews. Creating the first Scrum Teams from the existing engineering and product departments is the second step in kicking off questionz transition to Scrum.

    Your candidate should be able to sketch the rough plan of a transition and address common issues that might questilns during kickoff. When an organization is transitioning to Scrum and at the same time dealing with significant organizational, business, and technical problems, the founding members of its Scrum Teams should be volunteers who fully understand the challenge ahead of them, rather than people pressed into service.

    The best volunteers are those eager to prove that becoming agile is the most effective way to reach an objective. Candidates for the role of Scrum Master should be astute enough to suggest inviting every member of the product delivery team, as well as the C-level download sponsoring the transition, to a kickoff meeting. The objective of a transition kickoff meeting is to support the members of the engineering and product free in how they choose technical self-organize into the first cross-functional Scrum Teams.

    Transition kickoff meetings can last a few hours or several days, depending upon the circumstances of a particular organization. Despite the importance of the kickoff meeting to a Scrum transition, going much deeper into its structure will take too much time from the interview. They might propose doing this through a series of workshops or on-the-job training with exercises in Product Backlog refinement, writing user stories, estimating, creating boards, and setting up collaboration software.

    The first critical issue for the majority of newly formed Scrum Teams is the existing legacy Product Backlog. It is a rare occasion answers a Scrum Master to start from scratch with a brand new team and no existing product — even more so in a nascent organization like a startup. For these cases, your candidate should point out that refining the legacy Product Backlog is the practical first step.

    Looking at a legacy Product Backlog, interview excellent candidate will be able to point out some of these anti-patterns e. Candidates should mention that running Product Backlog refinement workshops creates a good opportunity to provide a new Scrum Team and Product Owner hands-on training with Scrum. This is because a Product Backlog refinement workshop will typically cover user story creation, knowledge transfer among team members, the estimation process if applicableintroductory agile inherview, technical debt analysis, and other answwrs critical to the success of Scrum.

    Read more : Product Backlog Refinement. Typical Scrum Master Qnd anti-patterns are below. Pdf of the Scrum Master anti-patterns are:. As a Scrum Master, what are some of the Product Backlog-related Scrum anti-patterns that you need to keep at bay? Garbage in, garbage out: No matter how well your team is self-managing, how low your level of technical debt is, or how well your team is collaborating with stakeholders in general, your team will tehcnical measured primarily by one criterion: and the Scrum team regularly deliver valuable, done Product Increments?

    The key to live up to that expectation is an actionable Product Backlog which is compact, concise, continuously refined pdr a team effort, and focussed on delivery of valuable Increments. The aggregation is taken from the Scrum Guide Reordered. Typical examples of how organizations, Scrum team, or team members fail the principles mentioned above include:.

    Download a Scrum Master, what are some of the Sprint Answers anti-patterns that you need to avoid as a team? According to the Scrum Guide, the Sprint Planning plays a vital role in the value creation process of the Scrum team:. Therefore, it should be downlod the highest priority of any Scrum team to perform the best possible Sprint Planning.

    It is the last moment where the Scrum team can change answwrs pdf the Sprint Goal is defined, the investment decision is techniacl. As a Scrum Master, what are some of the Sprint Review-related anti-patterns that you need to avoid as a team? According to the Scrum Guide, the Sprint Review is an essential moment of collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to reassure that frde Scrum team is still on the right track:.

    This is a simple question: Regularly ask your team and stakeholders how you can improve as a Scrum Master. Why not run a Sprint Retrospective on yourself? A dedicated Sprint Retrospective is much more effective than spending five minutes, asking for hints fgee how you might improve, at the end of each regular team Sprint Free.

    Scrum Master Interview Questions: 54 Ways to Identify Candidates

    Good candidates also note that they proactively provide user manuals on how to work with themselves to other team members and the organization. Can we use Scrum to solve any problem, task, or challenge? Or do you think that Kanban or even Waterfall may be better solutions in some cases? Ansswers, if we choose Scrum, what principles and success indicators shall we observe?

    Download Free Technical Writer Job Interview Questions Answers PDF

    Scrum is not the Swiss Army knife for any problem a product team may be facing. Throwing Scrum at all problems indiscriminately will likely be an ineffective strategy. However, when Scrum is chosen for the proper purpose, four first principles support Scrum Masters to help their teams deliver:. Choosing the appropriate application area for Scrum is essential. Here, inteeview process control thrives, applying transparency, inspection, and adaptation to iteratively, incrementally developing downlosd product Increments, thus mitigating risk.

    Achieving business agility requires dedication and product quality and quetsions at the technical level. Garbage in, garbage out: No matter how your Scrum Team is everything else, a sub-standard Product Backlog technical diminish all other team achievements. Restrain from solving problems that your teammates can solve themselves. Instead, make self-management our number one questions and ensure that everyone lives Scrum Values. Be free servant-leader at heart and, therefore, a good role model for the Scrum team.

    Note : All sketches intervew taken from a previous Professional Scrum Master class; check out my upcoming training classes downlad. Scrum download always been a hands-on business, and to be successful in this, a candidate needs to have a passion for getting her hands dirty. While the basic downlad are trivial, getting a group of individuals with different backgrounds, levels of engagement, and personal agendas to form and perform as pdf team, is downooad complex task.

    As always you might say when humans and communication are involved. And the larger the organization is, the more management level there are, the more likely failure is lurking around the corner. The questions are not necessarily suited to turn an inexperienced interviewer into an agile answers. But in the hands of a seasoned practitioner, they support figuring out, what candidate has been working the agile trenches in the past.

    So, go for a pragmatic veteran who has experienced failure in other projects before and the scars to prove it. Regarding the general preparation for the Scrum Master job interview, I recommend the following literature on Scrum, Scrum Master, and team building:. I refactored the ebook completely, eliminating a lot of content debt, and migrated the document to a new format that will allow for much speedier updates in the future.

    You will also now find all techniical and answers listed below, starting with the first two areas of competence. We are used to saying the Scrum is a perfect probe for organizations, as it will reliably discover all dysfunctionalities. Since the pandemic has forced many of us to work remotely, this unique downoad has been kicked into overdrive regarding remote agile transitions. Three months into working with distributed teams, at least for the majority of us who are not working for one of the remote work pioneers like Automatic, Gitlab, or Buffer, operational issues at techniacl tactical level have been addressed.

    Zoom has fixed many of the problems reported, we learned how to organize engaging remote events, and more people start embracing techniques like Liberating Structures or Training from the Back of the Room to get all sorts of work done. With a good outcome, as it seems that remote work improves productivityat least when team members are engaged with their work. Hence I do believe that the Scrum Master candidate needs to have a good understanding of how remote work is accelerating agile transitions and what the primary areas intervirw that are affected.

    How can we learn during the Scrum Master interview whether a candidate has experience with facilitating remote agile events? These are some interview quextions remote agile anti-patterns, the candidate should be able to identify:.

    Technical Interview Questions with Answers-Free Download

    Have you already dwnloaded your copy of the Scrum Master Trends Report that we produced in collaboration with Scrum. The report focuses on trends useful to both new and experienced Scrum Masters and reveals salary trends, agile adoption patterns, while also exploring gender equality within the Scrum Master role. The participants represent 87 different countries and come from all levels of experience.

    The highlights from the report include:. I added four new questions on Scrum success principles frer indicators, ranging from when to use Scrum, Scrum first principles, to signs of successful Scrum Masters, Technixal Owners, and Developers.

    Sep 11,  · Download the 54 Scrum Master Interview Questions PDF. The free 51 Scrum Master Interview Questions PDF is not merely listing the questions, but also contains background information on: Why the questions are useful . mis-technical-interview-questions-and-answers 1/2 Downloaded from on October 22, by guest Download Mis Technical Interview Questions And Answers Right here, we have countless books mis technical interview questions and answers and collections to check out. We additionally present variant types and furthermore type of the. [DOWNLOAD] Wipro Technical Interview Questions And Answers Pdf. Wipro Technical Support Interview Questions And Wipro Reasoning Interview Questions Direction for the questions 1 to 5: These questions are based on the blood relation: P is the mother of Q. Q is the sister of R. S is the son of R. T is the brother of S. U is the mother of T.

    We explored the results including salary trends and agile adoption patterns, addressed gender equality within the Scrum Master role, and answered questions from the audience. The video of the webinar is available now:. Note : If the browser will not start the video automatically, click here to watch the replay of the webinar on the Scrum Master Trends Report directly on Youtube.

    Note : If the browser will not start the video automatically, click here to watch the replay of the webinar Scrum Master anti-patterns directly on Youtube. The Scrum Master Trends Report Speaking Truth to Power 2. See all upcoming classes here. You can book your seat for the training directly by following the corresponding links to the ticket shop.

    If the answer process of your organization requires a different purchasing process, please contact Berlin Product People GmbH directly.

    Top 50 Desktop Support Interview Questions & Answers 1) What is active directory? Active directory authorizes and authenticates all users and computers in a window domain network, ensuring the security of the computer and software. Through active directory various. Oct 22,  · Download Free Technical Writer Job Interview Questions Answers PDF. Interview Questions Download Technical Writer Interview Questions & Answers PDF: After clicking the below "Download Technical Writer Interview Questions" button you must have to stay for a couple of seconds to process and complete your request. interview questions and answers load 1, it is no question simple then, since currently we extend the belong to to buy and make bargains to download and install net technical architect interview questions and answers load 1 appropriately simple! Software Architecture - Interview Questions (W/Cd)-Shivprasad Koirala If you are looking.

    Stefan—based in Berlin, Germany—has been working for plus years as an agile coach, Scrum Master, and Product Owner. He has developed B2C as well as B2B software, for startups as well as corporations, including a former Google subsidiary. Thank you for this very valuable collection! How do you think our investment pays off? Darrell, I think it is unlikely that you will be hired as a scrum master or agile coach right away.

    Try and become a pdr of a product development team in whatever capacity first to learn more about how all of this works. Great information, but yes, how does someone break into Agile and become a Scrum Master? Yes, means nothing as I come from an apparel manufacturing background. I love the Agile process and the people it creates. How do I get that first Scrum Master job to build experience? Thank ajd so much tecnical pointing at it — what a blunder! We will technnical the edition that should be available in early January It defines what a good user story looks like.

    Hi Arian, I get the point. Let me briefly sketch the background of the document. It resulted from a Scrum Master recruiting effort for one of my clients. Here, the team in dowjload was involved in the interviews, however, at a level that required to split questions among interviewers. The questions were primarily used to filter those candidates that had no previous experience with Scrum except for a certification, and — say — ten years of Qurstions practice.

    Who, nevertheless, believed that they would be able to master agile software development with Scrum. Those turned out to be a waste of time as they had the wrong mindset. And junior Scrum Masters, of course, we all need to start somewhere, were not suited for the auestions due to the complicated stakeholder situation.

    + TOP TECHNICAL Interview Questions and Answers pdf

    While its great what you have done, I have a question for you. How do you propose then to get new blood, new Scrum Masters? Assuming that a person questiins not worked on IT before but would like to move into that direction. After all scrum is not technical framework that is specifically made for IT, but it seem that its been embraced widely by the software companies and we all know why. We all know that technical minds are not the best in leading in general.

    Hi Kahuli, just wait for 2 weeks with the download — then the brand new edition will be available…. So, the new version will be as follows:. Answers to Question It is the prerogative of the Product Owner to define the scope of an upcoming sprint by identifying and prioritizing the most valuable user stories in the product backlog. The best way and the Scrum Master to ensure that the Scrum team is working on annswers most valuable user stories is as follows:.

    A shared understanding of the user stories and thus joint ownership is the answers. The candidate should note that while the Product Owner is defining the scope of the sprint and the sprint goalit technica the Scrum team prerogative to address technical debt and bugs at the same time. The team can allocate up to 25 percent of available capacity for that purpose. I had submitted one of the resumes for the position of Scrum Master. The resume had been shortlisted and the manager asked for an interview.

    I shared your PDF with him and we discussed a lot on this. Stefan, May I request the interview with answers to above questions over email? Amswers list of questions btw. Thanks in advance. To which one are you referring: PO interview questions v1? Or v2 of the SM questions? Ginger, the next version of the PDF will also includes answers.

    All subscribers will automatically receive it by email. Help is on the way: A new version of pdf PDF is being finished right now. You will receive an email with it attached, once it will be available…. We would love to free this Article on our new AgileCareers Blog coming soon! AgileCareers is run by Scrum Alliance. Would that be okay? Let us know! Your email address will anxwers be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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    Top 26 SAP PP Interview Questions & Answers ( Update)

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